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The Choral Singer's Survival Guide
Tony Thornton

This comprehensive guide with companion CD offers practical instruction and tips to hone your skills and improve your vocal musicianship. Whether you are an experienced choral singer or looking to become involved in a choral organization for the first time, this is the book for you!

The Choral Conductor's Companion
Brian J. Winnie, Editor

The book features 100 articles from prominent choral and voice professionals. My chapter, “Foundations for Creating Artistry,” discusses five rehearsal foundations (rhythm, intonation, dynamics, ensemble diction, and phrasing) for creating artistically fulfilling rehearsals and performances. 

The Choral Rehearsal , Vol. 2
James Jordan

An essential guide to productive and musical choral rehearsals written by a leading voice in choral pedagogy. This volume deals with the preparation of both the psychological and spiritual aspects of the choral rehearsal. My chapter, “The Importance of Historical and Structural Analysis,” details the score analysis system of Julius Herford and includes a step-by-step conductor’s analysis of Nänie by Johannes Brahms. 

I served as a reader and content editor for these terrific books.

Pitch Perfect
Donald Brinegar

This book details numerous areas of theoretical and practical means that form the basis of Donald Brinegar’s approach, including various tuning systems, scales and modes, tetrachords and the medieval hexachordal system, acoustics, text study, rehearsal techniques and many others, all carefully organized through a system of nested hierarchies grouping related topics. 

Conducting Primer
Donald Brinegar

A primer of the basic principles required for excellence in Choral Conducting. Author Donald Brinegar along with Primer editor Dr. William Belan and contributors Dr. Christopher Gravis, Dr. Joseph Schubert, and Dr. John St. Marie examine seven (7) principles of learning to be a choral conductor. 

Conducting Choirs, Vol. 1
David P. DeVenney

Intended for beginning conductors, this volume offers a conceptual approach to conducting rather than an imitative one. Students begin by building right-hand and then left-hand gestures and are provided with exercises designed to increase independence and expressiveness. Approaches to repertory and programming are also introduced, as are score marking, rehearsal strategies and preparation, and singing technique.